India Condemns Khalistani Posters Targeting Diplomats in Canada and UK as Unacceptable

Ministry of external affairs

In a strongly-worded response, India has expressed its outrage and condemnation over the recent incidents involving Khalistani posters targeting Indian diplomats in Canada and the United Kingdom. The provocative acts have been deemed as completely unacceptable by the Indian government, raising concerns about the safety and security of its diplomatic personnel abroad.

The offensive posters, bearing anti-India slogans and promoting the Khalistani separatist movement, were displayed in public spaces, including near the Indian High Commission in Ottawa and the Indian Consulate in Birmingham. The Indian diaspora and diplomatic community were left deeply disturbed by these incidents, which threatened to undermine the bilateral relations between India and the respective countries.

The Ministry of External Affairs issued a strong statement, denouncing the act as a clear attempt to incite violence, spread hatred, and disrupt the peaceful functioning of diplomatic missions. India reiterated its commitment to the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations.

India has urged the Canadian and British authorities to take immediate and stringent action against those responsible for orchestrating and promoting such provocative activities. The safety and security of Indian diplomats, officials, and the Indian community residing in these countries must be ensured, as per international norms and obligations.

The Khalistani movement, which advocates for a separate Sikh state, has long been a matter of concern for India. The country has been dealing with various attempts by extremist elements to revive and promote the separatist agenda, both domestically and internationally.

The incidents involving the Khalistani posters come at a time when India is making efforts to strengthen its diplomatic ties and foster constructive relationships with countries across the globe. Such provocative actions not only disrupt these efforts but also undermine the values of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.

The Indian government has called for increased vigilance and enhanced security measures to prevent any further incidents that could jeopardize the safety of Indian diplomats and tarnish the image of the country. It has also urged the international community to condemn these acts and support India's fight against terrorism and separatism.

India remains committed to addressing the issue of Khalistani extremism through diplomatic channels, engaging in constructive dialogue, and promoting a better understanding of its concerns among the international community. The country stands firm in its resolve to safeguard its sovereignty, unity, and harmony.

It is crucial for all nations to stand united against such divisive forces and work together in combating terrorism, promoting peace, and maintaining the sanctity of diplomatic norms and practices.